Product Name: N236890 John Deere Tillage Harrow Spring Tine. Overall Width: 9.00". Width between coils: 5.50". Length from center of coil to end: 16.00". Fts John Deere 2200 and 2210 field cultivators; 2310 mulch finisher with 3 bar harrow and rolling basket. Replaces John Deere No.N236890. Spring Tooth Harrow Choose One:Spring Harrow Replacement Parts Harrow Spring tine - 27472617: $64.95 Harrow Spring Clip - 470630194: $9.95 Point (2" x 11" reversible) - 87472764: $13.95 Lever - 64604205: $61.95 Notch Plate - 470640049: $20.95 Harrow Running Shoe - 470650847: $28.95 other part available - call: $0.00. Spring Harrow Tines. spring harrows. Page 1 of 2. Stock Code: 149781 HARROW SPNG TINE; NOBLE Detail View. Stock Code: 16249 HARROW SPNG TINE; WIL-RICH Detail View. Stock Code: 188605 HARROW SPNG TINE; DEERE Detail View. Stock Code: 232353 HARROW SPNG TINE.

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